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The tens of billions of dollars in subsidies and supports apportioned by this bill have a tremendous influence on the foods we eat, where they are grown, how much they cost, and the state of conservation in farm country. For decades the Farm Bill has been dominated by representatives from commodity producing states with the blessing of representatives nobly fighting to preserve food stamp and nutrition assistance. But the Farm Bill’s narrow focus on corn, cotton, wheat, rice, and soybeans has given us a high-calorie processed food diet, produced by mega farms and mega feedlots, resulting in an epidemic of child and adult obesity. Things don’t have to be this way. Citizens voting with their forks can change food and farm policy and get this right.



Vote with your Fork

Locate your senator or representative:

Vote with your Fork

Call, fax, or email and make your wishes heard:

(Otherwise the agribusiness lobbyists will craft a Farm Bill for you.)
Tell them you support the Farmers Market Promotion Program.
Tell them you support full funding and endorsement of Country of Origin Labeling (that discloses where perishable foods come from).
Tell them you support an expansion of conversation programs that protect waterways, habitats, and natural resources.
Tell them you support programs that link farm families with new markets such as local schools, cafeterias, and community food projects.
Tell them you support more funds for organic farming and grass pastured livestock operations.

Vote with your Fork

Do your homework:

Read Food Fight: A Citizen's Guide to a Food and Farm Bill by Daniel Imhoff
"An enlightened food and farm policy is of considerable consequence to every citizen on the planet."
— Fred Kirschenmann, Food Fight


Shop at your local Farmers Market

The expansion of farmers markets and the ability
for small family farmers to continue to supply
farmers markets are highly dependent upon the
outcome of the 2012 Farm Bill.

Join the Food Fight, One Card Table at a Time People rally for Food Fight!



As you may know, Congress is in the midst of re-writing the Farm Bill, which is set to expire in September. Over the next few months, decisions will be made on how the hundreds of billions of dollars in the Farm Bill are distributed. These decisions shape how our food is grown and even affect farmers markets with programs and issues such as:

The country’s 4,000+ farmers markets are an outstanding place for us to educate citizens and eaters about this important legislation.


Set up a tablearrow

(Umbrella, too!) Consider setting up a table, information booth, or place where shoppers can learn about the importance of the 2012 Farm Bill.

Set up a table
Recruit a volunteerarrow

(or two)

Recruit a volunteer or two
Get Information arrow

Download a peer-reviewed handout and customize it to include the names of your local representatives and other pertinent issues, and make double-sided copies for your customers.

Hand out information
Vote with your Fork cardsarrow

These action-oriented cards are printed with everything a farmers market shopper needs to know.

Vote with your Fork cards
Sell Food Fight to your customersarrow

(1 box, 30 books, $300, sell for $16.95 and make $210 for your Farmers Market fund.) Food Fight is an easy-to-read book by well-respected author Daniel Imhoff that makes the Farm Bill accessible to anyone.

Food Fight: The Citizen's Guide to a Food and Farm Bill
Have a postcard writing stationarrow

Make it easy for customers to fill out a postcard while they are at the farmers market. You can use pre-printed cards, sample language, have stamps and blank cards available for purchase.
Locate your respresentatives: or

Have postcards available
Put Cell Phones to Workarrow

Make an immediate impact by leaving your senators' phone numbers available at the Food Fight table. Offer some talking points. Keep track of how many farmers market shoppers placed calls.

Put cell phones to work
Sell T-shirtsarrow

Sell Vote with your Fork T-shirts to popularize the campaign and earn some money. Available from

Sell T-shirts


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